About Us

About Us

Some of the major problems in healthcare around the world arise from lack of consistent communication with patients: poor access to health information, low patient engagement, and insufficient monitoring.

That’s why our strategy at TNH Digital Health is to go after patients where they spend most of their time anyways: on messaging apps and social media. Our team of medical professionals and journalists develop SMS and Facebook ChatBots that can effectively engage patients over time. Our software monitors the interactions and alerts healthcare professionals in case of imminent problems. We are the new face of preventative medicine.

Our major focus areas are chronic diseases (particularly diabetes and hypertension) as well as pregnancy and early childhood. However, we also do work in epidemic control and wellness programs (such as nutrition and anti-smoking).

TNH Digital Health is based in Brazil and has built its expertise around population health management for emerging markets. Our solutions have been specifically designed for low and middle-income populations, where cost and access continue to be major constraints.


Government: We work with numerous public health systems to educate and monitor their populations, many of which are resource-constrained. Some of work includes: monitoring Zika and Dengue outbreaks, educating low-income expectant mothers, and improving the success of family health programs.

Health Plans: TNH works with players both large and small to help them address their patient engagement and monitoring needs. Our digital preventative medicine tools have help save both lives and dollars.

Corporate Health:
 Large companies that seek to improve corporate wellness often have difficulties engaging their workforces in healthy behaviours, especially if their employees are distributed geographically. Our ChatBots are exceptionally good at engaging employees and guiding them to eat healthier, reduce stress, stop smoking and stay active.

Pharma and Clinical Research:
 Our bots are used by pharmaceutical companies to improve their patient programs and increase medication adherence. We’re also involved in several major clinical research studies.



We strongly believe in the power of technology to democratize health. TNH Digital Health, above all else, is a company built with a commitment to social impact. And we stand by it: til now, we’ve helped nearly 100,000 low-income people across Brazil.


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